It’s Been A While

Hey all,

I’m sorry for the large gap in updating my blog, the last few weeks have been the most hectic. My deadline has now passed, so unofficially my course is over.

I thought id show a bit of an update of my last two projects. As soon as they are finished and photographed properly, I will get them uploaded to the gallery,

Until then…

This shows the pig at its bare state out of the mould, ready for trimming and seaming.




I made him a tiny meat cleaver out of steel and ebony to sit in his small leather butchers apron.




My second project was downsized, as the pig became the prominent model. I made a small toy rocket, based on retro pedal-cars and American 50’s cars. Each part still needs to be lacquered to achieve a high gloss finish, therefore its not assembled properly yet. It was made mostly from formers that I fabricated from foam, Or sculpted in Fimo, these were then vac formed to create layers of shells.