Yesterday was the broadcast debut of the Twirlywoo’s, a pre school, stop-motion series on Cbeebies.

A project I was privileged to work on whilst working for Mackinnon and Saunders, world renowned puppet makers.

Click on the image below to watch the first episode, if your eye is quick enough, you may catch my name on the credits.


Twirlywoo's kate arthur


Sewing Practice

I would say that sewing is my biggest weakness, furthermore sewing machines. Recently I have made a concious effort to try and change that. I had a bit of a play drawing with the sewing machine, using the embroidery foot.

Pumpkin Embroid

acorn embroid

Magazine Feature

Last August I was approached by a German magazine, Lunapark21. They were interested in featuring my ‘Butcher Pig’ sculpture on the front page of one of their issues. They also very kindly printed a small extract about me as a Modeller.



Hanging Tree Decorations

Some simple shapes, cut from reclaimed Oak.

I made these as part of gifts for people last year, to hang on their Christmas trees.

Hanging Christmas Decoration 01

Hanging Christmas Decoration 03

Hanging Christmas Decoration 02

Hanging Christmas Decoration 04

Christmas Candle Stick Holders


The Christmas countdown is finally official!

I made these stars from Walnut, I decided to not treat or colour the wood in any way.


Star Christmas Candle Holders

Shot Serving Board

I recently made a rustic, Walnut, serving platter. This could be used for cheese, butter, anything really!

The wood has been protected using a natural clear wax.


Wooden Serving Block

Little Plant Pot

An old loaf tin can make a lovely, small plant pot.

Loaf Tin Plant Pot 02


The plaque was cut out of some scrap aluminium sheet,

then stamped and waxed before being riveted on.

Loaf Tin 03

Loaf Tin 01

Loaf Tin Plant Pot 03

‘More pallet wood creations’ you say?

Yes, lots more things made from pallets. I find that there is something very satisfying in making something useful, or even just pretty out of unwanted things.

Bird House Pallet Wood

Reclaimed Wooden Crate (EDIT)

This rustic crate I build from scratch, I used off-cuts of pallets that were left over  from other projects.
The wood was fairly new and pale, I wanted a very old, beaten up look; therefore, I used my power file to round off all the edges, then I battered it with a variety of hammers, pliers, and chains.
Next I layered up different shades of oils, sanding in between. I applied a healthy layer of clear wax over the whole chest to seal in my colour.

Kate Arthur Rustic Crate 03




Kate Arthur Rustic Crate 02




Kate Arthur Rustic Crate 01


EDIT: I found a couple of photo’s of the crate during the making of.

One photo from just after it was assembled, still with the crisp hard edges.

The second from after I had softened the edges, just before colouring.

Crate Making of 02

Crate Making of 01

Upcycled Pallet Table

I built this table last summer from a mound of pallets and other reclaimed bits of wood.

The legs were made out of chopped up and flipped over Newel posts.

Up-cycled Pallet Table Making 01

Up-cycled Pallet Table Making 02

Up-cycled Pallet Table Making 03

Up-cycled Pallet Table Making 04

Up-cycled Pallet Table Making 05