Better Late Than Never…

Here are a few Christmas items that I have made, a couple from this year and a couple from a few years ago.

I never get that chance to make a fraction of what I would like! Maybe one day 🙂








tintree making of

















Christmas Stones…

… because sometimes coal just isn’t enough!


Christmas Stones 1


Christmas Stones 2





Happy Halloween


I cannot say how much I love this season    🙂


Skulls: Refurbished


I found these skulls in a well-known shop, awful paint job I know! But for 50p, the casts were not terrible.


A quick paint job did the trick, and for 50p!!






Hi Everyone,


Just a quick update, as previously mentioned I am graduating tomorrow.

If you fancy watching it streamed live over the internet, the link for this will be available on my university website, tomorrow morning.


The ceremony commences at 11:45am 29th June and ends at 12:30pm.

There are nine courses graduating during the ceremony, I’m not too sure where Modelmaking will come in the queue.


If I can, I will post the direct link tomorrow morning,




Kate x



‘Best Of Show Runner Up’


Hi guys,


I think most of you know by now, but for those who don’t, I was lucky enough to win the ‘Best Of Show Runner Up’ award, at the New Blades 2012 show.

The prize was a gorgeous silver scalpel and a bottle of champagne.

The show was a great opportunity to meet industry professionals and graduates from other universities.

Check out the New Blades site HERE

If you are interested to take a look at work exhibited by all universities, have a flick through THIS gallery.


I know it’s not the most attractive picture 🙂





Butcher Pig – Silicone Cast

These are the final images of my Butcher Pig, Cast in ‘PlatSil Gel 00’ Silicone.

He is painted with silicone pigment in PlatSil, thinned with naphtha & Hair punched using human hair.

The apron is hand sewn sheep leather. His meat cleaver is hand shaped steel, with an ebony wooden handle.














Retro Rocket

The final pictures of my retro rocket.






Retro Rocket Presentation Board

This is a presentation board I drew up; it will go on my backboard at the New Blades show in London this summer.

McCain’s, It’s All Good Sign

As I have handed in, I’m using my spare time to finish my previous McCain’s, ‘Chip Perfection’ dummy brief.


I hand-painted a rustic sign to use on my show stand at New Blades this summer.