Chip Testing Machine

For my first 3rd year project, we were asked to approach a company within the industry that we were hoping to enter and ask them for a brief to complete. I approached Propshop Modelmakers Ltd, I have been on work experience with them a couple of times and I really enjoy their working environment. They gave me a dummy brief, one in which they had just completed themselves for the McCain’s ‘Chip Perfection’ advertisement campaign. I was asked to design and build a machine to test the crispiness of a chip, the chip must not be hurt, or feel in danger and I must use materials sympathetic to the farmyard theme. I also had to create my own storyboard to show how my interpretation of the advert would run.


Unfortunately, it is not quite finished, the image below shows the machine at its most complete followed by a few work in progress images. This was also my first attempt of using a green screen, which I think needs a bit of work :-).








3-D Visualisation

For my 2nd year digital project, I was asked to model an object of my choice, from scratch in Autodesk 3ds Max, I had to add my own textures, mapping and lighting; from this, I made a short animation.





Facial Reconstruction

For my final project of 2nd year, I completed a facial reconstruction, using traditional methods of the forensic industry. I obtained my skull from an Anthropology tutor at Portsmouth University. The skull was European, Caucasian and between the ages of 28-35.


Caroline Wilkinson heavily inpisred me, she is a pioneer in this field and her book ‘Forensic Facial Reconstrcution’ was immensely helpful with this project.


I used Plastiline an oil-based clay as it’s what I’m comfortable working with. I also made a video to show my progress with the project, as after all, the finished piece would appear to be just a head sculpt.




Team Architecture Project Stage 2

This is a 3 day sketch model made for the 3rd year Architects at our Uni. They designed the building (inspired by a Royles Royce jet engine) and we made a quick mock up to help them visualise their design.

Stage 2 Architecture

Stage 1 Architecture (Kunsthaus Graz)

For the first stage of our architecture unit, our class worked closely with CRAB studio Architects, managed by Archigram Magazine’s Peter Cook. We will open our Uni’s new gallery space with an exhibition ‘CRAB by the Sea’, this features stripped down concept models of CRABS most acomplised buildings; Our working pallet was timber and white or white timber.

Me and Stu (team OX) got given the Kunsthaus Gallery in Graz, Austria. The building itself was carved from yellow foam sealed with Polyester resin, I used doweling and car body filler to fabricate the peaks; this model was an 8 day project.

Stage 1 Architecture (Kunsthaus Graz)



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