It’s Been A While

Hey all,

I’m sorry for the large gap in updating my blog, the last few weeks have been the most hectic. My deadline has now passed, so unofficially my course is over.

I thought id show a bit of an update of my last two projects. As soon as they are finished and photographed properly, I will get them uploaded to the gallery,

Until then…

This shows the pig at its bare state out of the mould, ready for trimming and seaming.




I made him a tiny meat cleaver out of steel and ebony to sit in his small leather butchers apron.




My second project was downsized, as the pig became the prominent model. I made a small toy rocket, based on retro pedal-cars and American 50’s cars. Each part still needs to be lacquered to achieve a high gloss finish, therefore its not assembled properly yet. It was made mostly from formers that I fabricated from foam, Or sculpted in Fimo, these were then vac formed to create layers of shells.







Pigman Face Tests

I cast out a few faces and skin experiments, this was to test the colour and translucency of the pigments added into the silicone.


Pigman Mould

I got my mould finished for Mr Piggy the other week; it’s a six part, fibreglass, matrix mould. I decided that because the ears are so delicate, it was best to chop them off and mould them separately.











Extended Major Project, Stage 1, Completed Sculpt.


I finished sculpting the pig-dude and started to mould him early this week.

I used NSP medium Chevant Clay; He stands about 60cm Tall.







I have finally finished my spider, a project I began about a year ago; unfortunately, other projects got in the way and I found myself not having any time to touch it until now. The spider is fabricated from brass, aluminium and stained Sheesham wood. I machined the separate components on a lathe and a mill.


From the front to the back leg is just over 32cm.


Refined – Extended Major Project Stage 1

Just a little update on my current sculpture, I’m getting into the refining stages now.


Extended Major Project Stage 1

I started stage 1 of my Extended Major Project the other week; I have chosen to represent a concept drawing by Michael Kutsche as a sculpture.

Originally, in Kutsche’s drawing the pig is a boxer, however the idea of him being a butcher had such a dark ironic wit I felt it was perfect.


I only have this image as reference to the character; therefore, I have to figure out all the other angles and below the waist.


this image is copywrite to Micheal Kutsche, I did not do this drawing!



Modelmaking isn’t just messing with Plasticine…

Well Thursday afternoon, it was.

I joined in on a speed sculpting class at Uni with Martin Adamson of ‘The Sculpture Studio’; He has worked on many children’s programs including ‘Igam Ogam’, ‘Little Red Tractor’ & Aardman’s ‘The Pirates’.

The class was based on a job Martin completed when he finished college, which was to fabricate the masters for a project similar to the kinder egg toys.

We had limited material to use, the idea was to consider moulding and casting difficulties and choking hazards.


This sculpt had a 2 ½ hours working time, stands at a height of 10cm




Many will have seen this sculpture already if you have ventured down south to visit, it’s a work in progress, still a bit rough and needs a lot of refinement, but the general facial forms are there; really enjoyable to do.


Sculpting the Human Figure

Our course, as well as inviting an abundance of industry professionals to come and talk to us this term, has organised a small sculpting course for Thursday and Friday afternoons. I have just joined in on the advanced sculpting class provided by Val Adamson, of The Sculpture Studio. This week we sculpted from a live female model in clay at half scale. It was nice to relax and spend a few afternoons away from my current project; we used the clay very loosely and fast paced to focus mainly on the form of the figure, we were instructed to not become too bogged down with any detail. The session will continue next week, the arms on the sculpture will be ignored until later.